Barbed wire in Hebron.
 Music students, Ahmed and Zolfa, in Nablus.
 Ramadan in Nablus.
 A market in Nablus.
 A checkpoint for Palestinians in Hebron.
 Kindergarten students in Nablus.
 A member of the press prepares for a protest.
 Boys cover their heads and faces with keffiyehs before a protest.
 Protesters retreat as teargas grenades explode around them.
 A woman is treated for severe teargas inhalation in an ambulance.
 Posters of "martyrs," those killed in the occupation, hang on the buildings in Nablus.
 Samer, recently liberated, greets his neighbor. He served a nine year prison sentence for participating in a protest.
 Young girls at Askar Refugee Camp.
 Special education students sit in a courtyard in Askar Refugee camp with Fadwa, a local volunteer. There are not enough funds for them to have an educational program, or even pay for a full sized bus to bring them between school and home. Instead, one smaller bus takes two trips. 
 A wedding in Nablus.
 The Bethlehem checkpoint.
 A man walks through the designated passageway for Palestinians at the Bethlehem checkpoint.
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