The sun rises over Enamórate in the Selva Central, or central jungle region, of Peru.
 Christian, a Brazilian volunteer, picks coffee in the morning.
 Alfredo, a volunteer from Peru reaches through the branches to collect the fruit.
 Christian relaxes in the afternoon.
 Juan Carlos weaves a bracelet.
 Emélie and Arnault, two French volunteers, relax in the upper level of the "chacra" ("farm" in Quechua).
 Juan Carlos smiles at a waterfall in the jungle.
 Christian and Jesús weave bracelets in the chacra.
 Jesús and Huaykitcha wait to catch a ride into town.
 Alfredo and Christian pass the coffee berries through a machine to separate the seed from the husk.
  In addition to coffee the farm grows various herbs.
 Christian, Alfredo and Luciano take a break from afternoon work.
 The workers at lunch.
 Juan Carlos and Arnault sing on the upper level of the chacra.
 Christian, Gaspar and Jesús sell jewelry at a festival in Huancayo.
 Juan Carlos with his wares at the festival.
 Hiram, a volunteer from Puerto Rico, rakes coffee beans out to dry in the sun.
 Alfredo and Jesús hitchhike to the nearest town, Pichanaki. 
 Juan Carlos roasts the coffee beans.
 Christian cools the roasted beans before grinding them.
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